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Only seeing couples and individuals with relationship and/or sexual concerns at this time

Nakia Roberson

I’m Nakia L. Roberson a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Professional School Counselor, and public speaker. I am also nationally board certified and I am trained as a Prepare/ Enrich facilitator, which is an assessment for couples (dating, premarital/engaged and married). I consider it a privilege working with people as they discover life lessons through healing, empowerment and self-discovery. Therapy is a personal process and I would love to walk the path of healing with you.

My desire is to see individuals and couples establish and restore healthy relationships, and transform into the person you long to be. Sometimes it's difficult to break old habits or to uncover the root of situations and circumstances. Know that you don't have to walk this journey alone!

My approach to therapy varies based on the need of the client. I work collaboratively with each client to establish goals and to celebrate milestones. No two people are alike just as no two situations are alike, therefore I continue to attend trainings and research to enhance my therapeutic skills. I truly believe a change can and will occur if a person is willing to do the work and be honest with themselves. I offer evening sessions to accommodate students' and adults' schedules. I am ready to listen, support, and provide a safe environment as you find strength.

In the words of Carl Rogers, one must accept themselves as they are before change can occur. A storm never comes to town to stay, but it leaves a rainbow to prove the sun will shine again.

Next Stage Counseling & Wellness

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