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Couples Coaching

Marriage requires a great deal of endurance and effort. What I'm trying to say is...Marriage is INTENTIONAL! It is also wonderful, fun, humor-filled, loving,  a blessing, caring and serving. It is the most vulnerable, self-less relationship we experience.  However, it requires work and dedication.  Are you tired of fighting the same old battles and not getting any closer to a solution? Are you missing the "can't wait to see you" butterflies? Have you forgotten the  desires that first brought you together?

If the wounds of a painful marriage are leading you to get some help, or if you could just use a few skills to help you navigate a challenging time, give me a call. I would love to help you and your spouse repair, rebuild and reconnect in a new way.

At Next Stage Counseling & Wellness™ we provide gguidance and support fro couples in all stage of theri relatisnhip.


Barefoot Couple

"Things have been going great since we started this journey, I feel Nakia is very impartial and has helped us develop necessary strategies to make our relationship slightly better."

NCSW Client

Holding Hands

"My husband and I were able to identify and address issues we were facing and use practicle strategies to improve our communication."

NSCW Client

Relationship Coaching

A service that focuses on helping couples learn communication and relatisnhip skills to improve connection and intimancy

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Sexual Healing

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Conflict Management

A service that provides guidance to couples when they are having trouble managing a disagreement or conflict in thier relationship

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Goal Planning

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Reach out to us today to take the next step in your journey to a healthier , happier life with your partner.

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