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3 Steps to Creating a Reconnection Routine for a Stronger Emotional Connection in Marriage

Updated: May 2

Tucked away in a quaint coffee shop, I couldn't help but overhear a conversation between two women. As they entered, one seemed rushed, while the other perused the menu with a calm demeanor. Their exchange caught my attention when one commented, "I’ve never met anyone married as long as you and still excited to go home to their husband." I leaned in, curious for the response.

A simple, heartfelt reply warmed my heart when the woman, in a casual, matter-of-fact tone, stated, "...because I have a (insert your spouse's name here) waiting at home."As she paid, she added, "I'm eager to go home because I can't wait to share my day with the person who means the most to me in the world."….

Those words resonated deeply. How many of you feel that thrill of excitement about returning home to be with the one you promised to share your life with?

Knowing who awaits you at home makes all the difference in the world. Relationships thrive on connection. So, how do you connect with your loved one? Does your partner look forward to:

  • Telling you about their day?

  • Confiding in you?

  • Showing their love?

  • Most importantly, sharing life with you?

If you desire to turn your home into a sanctuary and have a strong emotional connection in your marriage, be sure to reconnect and have an open conversation with your partner about your needs upon arriving home. Discuss how you can both feel loved, appreciated, and respected. From there, craft a plan that outlines what coming home should look like in your relationship. This way, every return is a sweet reunion.

Have  a welcome home routine

When you and your partner are away from each other, you each experience life separately. Things happened that the other person did not encounter with you. Therefore, determine how you will reconnect. I know a couple that decided to spend the first 5 minutes acknowledging one another. Meaning, walking in the house fully available to their partner. What this looks like is entering the house without being on the phone and greeting each other with a hello and kiss. Simply recognizing the other person.

Make your home a safe haven

Transform your home into a sanctuary of safety. Being in a relationship is an invitation to vulnerability, a commitment to truly know and be known by another. It's about creating a space where you can bare your soul without fear of judgment or criticism.

opening door

Many people feel the need to adopt a persona outside the comfort of their homes just to fit into social norms. After all, who would openly admit to their quirky habits, like singing off-key melodies at the top of their lungs in the shower to their colleagues? Home is the one place where you can be your true self, unfiltered and unembellished, without any need for pretense.

Love Unconditionally

The key to being the person your spouse can't wait to come home to lies in loving unconditionally. When your spouse feels your genuine love, the small imperfections like burnt toast or a pimple become inconsequential. Love isn't always about grand gestures or romantic moments; it's about loving each other despite the flaws. This kind of unconditional love inspires someone to navigate rush-hour traffic just to return to the embrace of the one who loves them for who they are, not just for their best moments. Home truly is where the heart is. So, the next time you're on your way back to your loved one, let a wave of gratitude wash over you as you think, "How blessed I am to be going home to a [insert your spouse’s name]."

couple talking

Establishing a reconnection routine is more than just a daily habit; it's a heartfelt ritual that reinforces the bonds of love and understanding in your relationship. By deliberately taking time to reconnect, you cultivate a space of trust and intimacy. This routine becomes a cherished part of your day, reminding both of you why you chose to walk this life together. In the simplicity of these moments, you find profound joy and a deepened sense of companionship. Remember, every day is an opportunity to reaffirm your commitment and celebrate the love you share.

Because at the end of the day, you’re the Person I want to come home to. You’re the person I want to tell how my day went. You’re the person I want to share my happiness, sadness, frustration, and success with.


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