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Choice ~ Change ~ Clarity

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Walk Talk Therapy


Sometimes sitting in an office across from a stranger chatting about your life experiences can be intimidating. I want to take the apprehension out your therapy session by offering the option of Walk/Talk Therapy sessions.

What is Walk/Talk Therapy?

Walk talk therapy is just as it sounds. It’s walking and talking. We meet outside during our session and stroll the track. Research has shown that exercise and physical movement can decrease anxiety and depression while improving your mood.

Walk talk therapy encourages physical and emotional wellness. It helps clients get clarity while confronting difficult issues.

Okay...Tell me more...

Who Can benefit from Walk/Talk Therapy?

Individuals who...

Would like to create a significant change in their lifestyle by incorporating physical movement, talk therapy, healthy habits, and positivity

Are looking for an alternative to the in-office, face-to-face, therapeutic approach

Would benefit from the meditative and energizing effects of walking in nature and fresh air

What are the benefits of Walk/Talk Therapy?

Increases energy and allows clients to feel less inhibited and more in touch with their feelings

Increases physical and cardiovascular health

Promotes clearer thought processes and open-minded brainstorming abilities

Decreases depression and anxiety symptoms

Increases confidence and feelings of empowerment and mastery

Reinforces the use of walking as a healthy coping mechanism

I’m Interested…How do I get started?

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First Step?

Schedule your first initial session, which will be conducted ivirtually. This will ensure all your questions are answered and we set goals for our time at the park.


When and Where do we meet?

Walk & Talk sessions are offered based you and your clinicians availability.

Location will be discussed during the initial virtual session.

How Long is the Walk/Talk Session?

The session is 45 minutes. The first 35 minutes we are walking and talking, and the last 10 minutes we wrap up the session at a nearby sitting area.

Please reach out for additional information and to schedule your appointment. Mention your interest in walk talk therapy.

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Contact Us for your Virtual Experience | TEL.832-543-7255

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