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In response to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), I will be offering donation-based virtual mental wellness checks. The proceeds will help support more sliding scale spots in my own practice.

What is the difference between a mental wellness check and a therapy session?

Think of a mental wellness check as a one-time mini therapy session that is shorter in time and the focus is more about the here-and-now, in an effort to support your mental health during COVID-19. Together, we can develop a plan to prioritize your emotional wellness. Whereas therapy usually involves a commitment (i.e. more than one session) and an exploration of your past experiences, mental wellness checks are a one-time occurrence focused on developing a plan to prioritize your emotional wellness. Protocols around documentation (i.e. informed consent, confidentiality, etc.), safety, and assessments are still in place.

I am so inspired by this initiative, but I don’t want/need a mental wellness check.

How can I support?

Thank you so much for your generosity! With therapy sessions in Texas costing anywhere from $100-$200, any support is greatly appreciated. Here are some ways you can support:

  • Make a donation here.

  • Start a giving circle - ask 5 of your friends to donate $20. That covers one therapy session.

  • Post to your social media channels.

How do I donate for a loved one?

Have your loved one book an appointment time below. After they’ve secured their time, submit your donation here, using your loved one’s email address so that it can be properly credited to them. If you have any questions, please click here or email me at

How are mental wellness checks conducted?

Virtually. We’ll use a HIPAA-compliant platform.

I’m located outside of Texas. Can I schedule a mental wellness check with you?

I am only able to support folks who reside in Texas for mental wellness checks. Below are therapists in other states who are offering a similar service:

What if I want to work with you more consistently after our mental wellness check?

Let’s discuss during our session.

I’m ready to book my mental wellness check!

Book your time below. An Invoice will be emailed with your desired donation.

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