7 Small But Important Things To Observe In Couple Goal Setting

Now that January is nearly over, I’m sure many of you have written your New Year goals or completed Vision Boards for your personal endeavors.

However, don’t forget about your growing relationship with your spouse. Have you sat down as a couple and mapped out the goals you have for the year.

Setting goals for yourself and your relationship will give you a jump start to a productive year.

Here are some NEXT STAGE goals to consider, because being intentional about your relationship can develop new fondness, admiration and appreciation for each other.

1. Make your relationship a top priority

You are a team, and nobody should be able to interfere. Create an atmosphere of love and trust. Make it a point to learn about each other.

2. Connect daily

Schedule a time of NO distractions and put the electronics away. Tune in to each other…talk, cuddle, kiss, hug.

3. Communicate with love and kindness

Watch your tone and don’t assume the worst of your partner.

4. Enjoy each other’s company

Have fun together, hold hands, go on adventures

5. Flirt

Remind yourself and your spouse of how attracted you are to them either verbally, written or by seductive, playful body language cues.

6. Review your relationship progress quarterly

Sit down and talk about how things are going in your relationship. How can you be supportive? What do you appreciate about each other?

7. Go to counseling as a preventive measure

Therapy is not just a place to go when you feel you’ve reached rock bottom.

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